4 Tips to Survive a Day at Court

Going to court gives me a headache. It doesn’t matter the reason I am going or how long I spend in the building. A headache is coming, if I don’t catch it quickly. Many people feel their stomachs turning and hearts throbbing when they’re scheduled to appear in court. It is scary when your life is in the hands of another person who has the power to control your life. Rather than succumb to the hassles of a day at court, put the four tips below to use and make the day much better.

1.    Talk to a Lawyer: No matter why you’re headed to court, you can arrive with confidence if you’ve spoken with an attorney prior to the case. Lawyers offer legal expertise that guides you in the right direction.

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2.    Arrive Early: You don’t want to spend any more time in court than necessary, if you’re like me and most others. However, if you arrive at the last minute, those jitters are there and cause some pretty nasty anxiety. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early (or earlier if you have a lawyer or special circumstances) to minimize this fear.

3.    Dress for Success: Treat a day in court like a job interview for a position that you really want. Dress to impress and leave the judge with good thoughts of who you are at the hayward criminal court.

4.    Be Prepared: You’ve been given plenty of advance notice of the court day so do not arrive unprepared to represent your case, give testimony, and provide evidence. Judges don’t like it when defendants appear in court unprepared. Don’t get on his bad side.

It is much easier to survive the day in court if the tips above are put to good use. Make your day in court the best it can be.